Speeding Motorcycle Rider Wrecks Into Traffic Jam


Motorcyclist Runs Into Traffic Jam While Speeding

The last thing you want to see when your speeding down the highway is multiple brake lights in front of you. More importantly, you don’t want to see them when its too late. Unfortunately for this reckless motorcycle rider, that is exactly what happened.

You can see from his helmet cam footage, that the traffic jam comes up pretty quickly, and he obviously doesn’t notice that the cars are sitting still ahead of him. Once he finally realizes what is going on, its too late and he quickly finds himself in oncoming traffic trying to avoid rear ending the other stopped cars and trucks.

The helmet cam captures him hitting a car head on and getting airborne. His motorcycle is trashed along with some other riders that were caught in his path. It seems he is ok, by the fact that he is up and walking around immediately, but that is never a sure sign. Hopefully the collision wasn’t the cause of any other injuries and all can be resolved by some higher insurance rates and a hard lesson learned.

This is just another example of why it is so important for motorcycle riders to ride as defensive as possible. Accidents can happen from all around you, not just directly in front. Fortunately these riders were wearing the proper safety gear. Lets just hope they learned a lesson!



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