Street Legal Harley Motorcycle Handles Motocross Course

harley motocross


Chris Palermo is man who seems to always be looking for a challenge. He’s a Hollywood stuntman by day, and apparently a crazy motorcycle aficionado by night (well, day, but you get the picture). A few years back, he decided it would be cool to take a street legal Harley-Davidson Sportster for a shot at “A Day in the Dirt”, a 2-plus hour motocross race that takes place in California every year. Not only did he take the bike out there (granted, with a few modifications), but he actually managed to finish the race. Now that’s something worth bragging about.

He won’t give away his secrets – only admitting to some simple modifications from harley davidson – but it’s certainly an impressive feat. Maybe this will change some minds about what a Harley can do! Although, unless you truly know what you’re doing, we can’t say we advise giving a run at something like this with a factory Harley. What do you think – pretty cool feat? We would definitely love to see more cool videos like this showing what Harleys are capable of. If you’re in agreement, and enjoyed watching Chris successfully complete his mission, like and share our video.