Subaru Drivers Pulls Dodge Police Car Out of Snow


Good Samaritan in a Subaru WRX Pulls a Dodge Charger Police Vehicle Out of the Snow!

When this Hazel Park, Michigan police officer found himself in a slippery situation. He never thought his dodge charger police cruiser would be saved by a guy in a sports car. That is exactly what happened though. Watch this cool clip of humanity at work.

Bobby, the driver of the Subaru WRX made quick work of what could have been a bad situation. The dodge charger was not equipped with the proper tires for driving on snow and is a two wheel drive vehicle to boot. The police cruiser would have been stuck till back up arrived, and at that point there would be at least two police units not able to help someone in need.

The subaru doesn’t have all season tires on either, but you can see how the all wheel drive WRX was still able to pull the charger right out, after a couple short tugs. Here’s to hoping the officer remembers Bobby  the next time they run into each other. I’d say this deserves a “get out of jail free card”, what about you guys?


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