Suicidal Swedes Race Mercedes AMG Supercar & Yamaha R1 Motorcycle

suicidal swedes race mercedes amg supercar and yamaha r1 motorcycle



These Swedes are going all out, and its definitely not a safe place to be! Watch the video below as a mad man on a yamaha r1 motorcycle, puts all reason aside and attempts to keep pace with a driver who seems to be just as crazy!

In most any case when there is a crazy motorcyclist on a Yamaha r1 sport bike racing a production vehicle, it ends pretty quickly. The typical ending to a story like that is the crotch rocket gets the win. Not in this video however. Watch below as this white Mercedes Sl63 AMG never loses the edge. The bikers speedo is reading 300Km and the AMG Mercedes is still pulling away! It is definitely proof that the mercedes sl63 is no slouch on the road, and also proof that money doesn’t buy sense! Not only are these suicidal swedes street racing on busy roads, but this is a two way street and they are often in the oncoming lane dodging the other vehicles on the road going the average speed of 90km! Let us know what you thought about the racers in the comments below, and please be sure to like and share the post before you go!