Suv VS Car: Road Rage Battle with Funny Ending

funny car-vs-suv-in-road-rage-battle

Car Driver Gets Losing End of a Heated Road Rage Battle

Rarely do you use the word smart, when describing a road rage battle you witnessed. Its usually two people who are already besides themselves, and can’t take another moment trapped in the hell that americans call “rush hour”.

I don’t mean to look lightly on it; but it is especially fun to watch a road rage incident occur, when your not affected by it at all. The way the driver in the SUV handled the jerk in the car, is absolutely priceless. The toyota car refuses to yield to the SUV before entering the street. He obviously doesn’t want to give up a single spot on his long drive home. So begins the battle for the lane. The SUV driver is just as stubborn and what we’ll soon find out, a little more cunning as well!

After the whitty SUV driver notices the car driver’s windows are down. He quickly takes advantage of a flooded shoulder coming up, and instantly becomes the king of the road! Watch what happens, and ‘share’ if you liked it!