Teenage Girl Crushing Competitive Monster Truck Circuit!


16 Yr Old Girl Surprising the Monster Truck Circuit!

Mothers, hide your sons… wait, that doesn’t sound right. Well, I guess the saying doesn’t really work, but there is no doubt this little blonde haired badass, is going to have to keep the boys at bay with a stick!

Rosalee Ramer, from Watsonville, CA., is a teenager on a monster truck mission. “It’s something that I’ve dreamed about, and I’m finally doing it. Going over the jumps, sometimes 25 to 30 feet in the air, I feel like I’m flying,” the 16-year-old badass — did we mention she’s a badass? — said.

Not only is she a wiz on the track with her very own monster truck. She’s also a wiz in the classroom. Between the dozens of monster truck shows and festivals she’s been attending for over 2 years now, Ramer still finds time to keep straight A’s, and has dreams to attend MIT as an engineer! – Something tells me, she won’t scare away from the hard work.

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