The 100mph Mobility Scooter

worlds fastest mobility scooter


The Worlds Fastest Mobility Scooter

If you’re looking for a ride with speed, a mobility scooter is probably one of the last places you’d look…but this video may change your mind a bit. That’s right – you’re looking at the fastest mobility scooter in the world (yep, they keep records of this kind of stuff), able to achieve speeds of 100 miles-per-hour during this 1/4 mile run. This obliterates the previous record of 82 mph set by the St. Paul Bingo Club (kidding…). Seriously though, there’s a lot of cars we’d take out for a ride at 100+ mph, but it does take some stones to do it on this thing.

Man does that thing take off, though. All joking aside, it’s an impressive achievement, no doubt. We’re also glad Nana will be able to cut her grocery shopping time down by over half. That will definitely give her more time for Golden Girls reruns on TV in the afternoons. Just be careful when she starts trying to drag race the older kids down the road – that might be when things have gone too far. Like and share if you think this is one mobility scooter that looks like fun.

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