The Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Races a Helicopter



Yeah, we haven’t seen this before either. What an awesome idea, even if the logistics of it are a bit funky. Racing a Dodge Challenger SRT8 versus a freaking helicopter? Sign us up!

We really weren’t sure what to expect. That SRT8 is an awesome car with a lot of horsepower, but the helicopter is pretty powerful too, with a lot less weight. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, it flies. You can watch the race for yourself and see what happens – the helicopter has a big lead at the turn, but has to swing far beyond the track to make the turn to come back. That gives the Challenger a sizable lead for a short time, but the chopper is still able to make up the distance and finish slightly ahead of the car.

As a bit of an added bonus at the end, you can watch the helicopter race against a 125cc shifter cart. The results are pretty similar, with the copter still coming out ahead. Again, we realize the logistics of this drag race are a bit odd, and it probably isn’t a truly equal matchup, but still pretty awesome to watch. If you thought so too, make sure to like and share this post.