The Harley Davidson Alpha Male Motorcycle Commercial

alpha male harley davidson motorcycle commerical funny


Can’t imagine too many of us start our days like a stuntman in an action movie, but we found this Harley-Davidson commercial to be both funny and awesome. Harley riders have gained a reputation at times for being somewhat rough around the edges, and more of a “manly man” than the next guy. Harley-Davidson was definitely listening, and took those characteristics to the max with this advertisement!

It would be pretty bad-ass to be this guy – starting your day by leaping down from your loft, pouring hot coffee into your mouth straight from the coffee pot, and preparing your morning toast with a blowtorch. Could get mighty expensive ripping off a t-shirt every morning and replacing it with a new one, though…oh, and don’t raw eggs give you salmonella poisoning? Ok, on second thought, we’ll stick to our normal morning routine. But kudos to Harley for this funny take on the Harley-Davidson owner’s morning. What do you guys think – pretty funny? Be sure to like and share if you thought so, and let us know of any other cool Harley advertisements you’ve found while browsing around online.