The Innovative MTT-136 is a Treaded Electric Sled For All Seasons!


Yvon Martel Has Struck Gold with His Latest Invention of the MTT-136

Ok, so maybe he needs to work on the name, but in the grand scheme of things thats an easy fix. MMT standing for (My Track Technology) defining the electronic powered treaded track that well… does just about anything! Then the 136 most likely stands for the amount of miles you can go on a single charge.

There really isn’t too much to the invention, and that seems to be a trend when it comes to some of the most famous of inventors. Don’t let the simplicity of the vehicle confuse you though. This amazing machine has numerous uses. As evident in the video below, you can do anything from pulling a sled through the snow, to moving a stuck car, to towing logs on warm ground. The whole thing is said to weigh just 280 pounds, and depending on what kind of battery is fitted, you can ride the innovative sled from 28 to 130 miles, with a charge time ranging from 15 minutes to 8 hours!

Whether its for practical uses or some good old recreational fun, the MTT-136 personal treaded electronic sled is a must have for any rural homeowner. Yvon is rumored to be sourcing partners and funding at the moment, and you can be sure the military uses of this amazing electric tank will catch the eye of the higher ups!


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