The New 2015 Ford f-150 Could Have a Remote Tailgate



The New 2015 Ford f-150 Will Have a Remote Tailgate and More!

Ford’s newest line of f-150 pickup trucks has definitely caught some scrutiny from both ford fans and american truck lovers. The most controversial being the change to an aluminum frame. The concern is we are going to be driving around in a beer can on wheels. Yes, you can spin that to be a cool thing during college football season tailgates, but the worry is of the strenth.

Well ford has promised a truck that can go faster, pull more, and also be 700lbs lighter! But just these performance promises from americas most popular pick up truck, won’t do. Ford knows that, and it might be why they are adding tons of extra cool toys on this new truck model.

Watch this video below from MotorTrends Facebook page, that demonstrates the new remote tailgate system! Pretty cool huh? Could definitely come in handy! This along with 360 degree cameras, built ramp systems, and a revamped LED system; are some of the new exterior features that should come stock! Watch the video below, and let us know what you think. Are you excited about this cool new feature?