The Punisher – Russia’s Bus-Crashing Folk Hero



We’ve talked a lot on here about how crazy Russian drivers are, leading one Russian to take matters into his own hands and dole out punishment to drivers who cut him off on the road. Alexei Volkov, or “The Punisher” as he’s now known, has a job that requires him to drive a bus. Fed up with the horrible driving and constant disrespect he faces on the road, Alexei set up a dash cam and went to work slamming into the back of cars that cut him off. And when we say he went to work, we mean it – he’s already hit over 100 cars, and has not been found guilty in court in a single case!

The bus he drives must be built like a tank, because it has barely sustained any damage, and in an interview with a local TV station, Alexei’s employer stated he has no problem with this at all. If only we could all be so fortunate to be given a company car with a license to crash into other douchebags on the road. We think it makes this compilation of clips even funnier imagining Alexei looking for excuses to ram other vehicles that piss him off. Get a good laugh, and be sure to like and share our video.