The RipChair VS Two 4 Wheel Drive ATV’s


The Track Driven Wheel Chair AKA RipChair 2.0 VS 2 Full ATV’s!

Normally pitting a wheel chair against a Polaris 800 and Arctic Cat 650 would seem to be cruel and unfair. As a matter fact it is… just not how we were thinking! The Ripchair is a revolutionary off-road machine developed by the popular builders of Howe & Howe Tech. The versatile and powerful machine was made to accept almost any type of wheelchair (motorized or standard). With this badass track driven vehicle, any handicapped wheelchair bound individual can now experience the blissful feeling that is off-roading.

Breaking down barriers and giving the disable a new found freedom, the Ripchair 2.0 is one heck of a machine! Quoted as “The most rugged, most powerfule, go anyhwere, off-road wheel chair ever built” This video sure helps back up that mighty claim!

Watch as the ripchair take on both a Polaris 800 4×4 and Arctic Cat 650 4×4, both in 4 wheel drive low. The results might just surprise you!


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Watch the ripchair take on two 4 wheel drive Atv’s!

  • charles rumery

    How do I contact someone for the ripchair? I am a quad c6-c7. I have an action trackchair but it just last long enough on batteries. I’m interested in finding out a price? If anyone has a contact # let me know asap thanks

  • Lévis Harvey

    I am looking for the price of a rip chair 2.0 and where can i get one? I am from Canada, my EMAIL adress is:
    Hope to hear from you soon.