The Ultimate UniMog Off Road Diesel Truck Compilation




The Mercedes UniMog is an Impressive Off-Road Diesel Truck

For those of you with friends that say the Mercedes Unimog is weak, send them this video. Your not alone. I have tons of buddies that hate on the unimog just because its german and not american made. Don’t get me wrong. I love my american made machines just as much as the next guy. These rigs however, deserve some credit.

If your an off-road enthusiast, love the smell of diesel fuel mixed with muddy water, and don’t like anyone to tell you, “you can’t get your truck over that”. You might just love the unimog and just don’t know it. Of course you can modify any ford, chevy, or dodge enough to get you anywhere you want to go. But the unimog is one of the only bone stock rides, you can do practically anything you want with.

Watch this cool compilation below, and send it to your buddies that haven’t seen what she can do. They are lying if they aren’t impressed!