The 2012 Volkswagen Passat Commercial is Still the Funniest!

volkswagen passat car commercial superbowl


Watch this clip of the most shared car commercial of all time! The volkswagen “Force” commercial was all the buzz the first time it aired. You might remember it, during the 2011 Superbowl. We all know the competition it was up against running in one of the coveted superbowl ad spots. Companies spend millions of dollars for a few minutes of air time, and they don’t just put any old ad up there.

This video below is of ALH’s favorite car commercial since, with a pint sized darth vader attempting to wake everything but the kitchen sink with his “force”. He tries to wake the dog and a doll, and even start the washer and dryer with no avail. Then finally dad comes home from work with the 2012 Passat from volkswagen. The miniature ruler of the dark side is ecstatic when he finds that he can start the passat with hist “force”. Of course it is just dad helping out with the new automatic car start that 2012 passat brought stock, but you can’t deny the creativeness the german car company showed on this one. If you love this commercial too, be sure to like and ‘share’ the post!