The Worlds Fastest Baby Stroller Has 4 Gears and 10 Horsepower!

Looking for a way to make your stroller pushing a little more interesting? So was one of our favorite horsepower addicts Colin Furze! That was the driving factor that help to create the worlds fastest baby stroller.

In the video below you can see this 10 horsepower mega pram in action. When Colin found out he was having a baby last year, his friends began commenting about what on earth he would come up with now. Knowing his love for horsepower and inventions, his friends knew something fun would come of his new found fatherhood. Well, they were right. Not only did Colin come up with a crazy cool stroller, but it holds the world record for fastest motorized baby stroller. He accomplished the ridiculously cool feat of hitting 53.46mph on Oct 14th at the Avon Park Dragstrip!

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