1700hp Twin Turbo Pontiac Firebird is Dominating the Drag Strip a 1/4 Mile at a Time!


Twin Turbo Pontiac Firebird Laying Some Sick Times at the Drag Strip

Lets be honest, we can’t all spend the majority of our time at the drag strip. Some of us have to work to pay for the all our toys and upgrades. Lucky for us, the guys from ThatRacingChannel on You tube can. They actually do get paid to spend all their time at the drag strip. They’ve brought us some seriously wicked clips in the past, and this new one is no exception.

The guys caught a mean looking firebird making some runs and decided to film it. Little did they know, it was going to be one of the sickest rides of the day!

With twin PT 7675 Turbos powering the 425ci monster engine. This pontiac formula firebird from palm beach has no problem getting down the track. This famous floridian drag racer lays down some serious runs for us. With a 7.6 second 1/4 mile @ 185 mph, a run like that will test the bolts in the seats and raise the hairs on your arm!

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