This 1931 Ford Rat Rod Will Blow Your Mind



Check out this killer 1931 Ford Rat-Rod, cobbled together from a 1931 Ford body, 1952 Diamond-Reo tractor engine, and a chassis made of old municipal light poles from the city of Hollywood. Talk about creativity – this thing is a work of art! “Satan’s Rat-Rod”, owned and built by Henry Kessler, has a 275 horsepower engine that generates a whopping 1,640 ft-lbs of torque. We guarantee Henry’s rat-rod turns heads wherever it goes. Oh, and how about this for impressive – that motor has over a million miles on it. By the looks of it, Henry may just get another million out of it.

Man, we’d love a shot at driving this bad boy – just listen to how awesome that engine sounds. It certainly doesn’t look like the easiest or smoothest ride you’ll ever take, but that’s not the point – this beast just looks plain mean, and as the host says, is sure to put a scare in any woman or child in the area. Oh, and piss off any Toyota Prius owners, something that’s always good for some fun. If you loved watching this rat-rod in action, be sure to like and share our video.