This 3yr Old’s Reactions to His Dad Drifting in a Subaru Legacy Are Absolutely Priceless


Pro-Am Dad Takes His 3yr Old Son For a Ride in His Subaru Legacy!

The reactions on the face of this 3yr old are absolutely priceless. This is what my inner child does every time I ride in a fast car. Think we all can agree with that! One thing it doesn’t seem everyone is agreeing with is wether this cool little kid should have been put in this situation or not.

Of course there are good points to both sides of the argument. Was it reckless for this dad to sit his son in the front seat, where the airbags could go off if the car were to crash or wreck? Maybe… Was it the best way for his son to experience the donuts and drifts best, Yes!

As you can see by the reactions of the boy, he doesn’t seem to be anything but amazed and ecstatic by the way the dad’s custom subaru legacy B4 swings around this closed track. He did in fact do all of this on a closed track, that was proven by a follow up video outside of the car.

Personally, I think this was absolutely awesome! How About You?


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