This 6,000HP Aussie Inspired Jet Fuel Ford Mustang is Wicked Mean!




From across the pond and down under, comes this video from Australia where a crew led by Aussie drag maven Darren Di Filippo has created what they call the “Top Fuel Mustang”. Running a blown and injected top fuel motor on 80%, the crew estimates that the car is creating somewhere around 6,000hp and can legit carry the title Top Fuel Ford Mustang. They plan on debuting the machine at an upcoming PowerCruise gathering and then they will race it on a stiffer percentage of nitro at the Aussie SpringNationals which are in a month or so as best we can gather. Di Filippo is no stranger to nitro having run a top fuel dragster in Australia for years. He is also a well known jet car racer down there as well. His company DPE Performance Exhaust is a big brand Down Under and builds some really nice looking headers for a ton of applications. They have to be doing OK for him to have the financial suds to dabble in these projects!

Click the image below to watch the video of this badass mustang jet fuel dragster in action. Stay posted with us as we will update some more videos once this things gets to run later in the month. If you liked this mustang, be sure to ‘share’ the post with your buds. Thanks for watching!