Supercharged Twin Turbo Chevy Camaro with NOS!

supercharged twin turbo 69 camaro ss

Custom 1969 Classic Chevy Camaro Muscle Car with Two Turbos!

Feast your eyes and ears on this over the top monster of a camaro! This ’69 Chevy Camaro ss is something to behold. Not only is it unique its on regard, but its owner is surprising focused on only one thing.. the car. All of the mods done to this ride, are solely for his pleasure alone.

The supercharged twin turbo machine has never been to the track or taken a ride on a dyno. He has just built this machine for his own enjoyment. For 15 years he has been building the custom camaro and just recently added the NOS which added 200 more horsepower to an already powerful ride.

What are your thoughts on not taking this thing to the track to see what it can do. Would you be able to keep it off there too? If you liked this ride, be sure to ‘share’ the post with your friends!