This is What a Truck Driver’s Bad Day Looks Like


Truck Driver Has to Jack Knife to Miss Low Bridge and FAILS Miserably

Everybody has a great excuse why their job is ‘the most stressful’. I am definitely not going to argue with any of them. I will however, back the fact that truck drivers have one of the most stressful jobs on the planet.

I personally have multiple friends that drive a truck Long Haul and Local, both will quickly tell you its not as easy as you think. Some naive people have said its just getting paid to sit on your ass. I would like to challenge those naive folks to try and maneuver a 18 wheeler through any single day of traffic. Hell, most of those same people are ones getting in accidents in their small and agile cars or trucks. Imagine how they would fair with 14 more wheels to “keep between the mustard and mayo”!


This video is a clip of a truck driver that must have missed the low bridge warnings before it was too late. The man filming was stuck waiting for this truck driver to attempt to turn his 50′ long truck around on a two lane road. Not gunna happen! Unfortunately for the truck driver, not only is he going to be late for his drop, he will most likely be fired and he is being filmed to boot!

Theres getting stuck in a frustrating situation, then theres getting a 18 wheeled tractor trailer stuck on a two lane road with impatient drivers on both sides of you! This my friends is what a bad day at the office looks like for a truck driver! Think your job is stressful still?

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