This Twin Turbo Diesle Race Tractor is an Impatient Farmers Dream


One must applaud invention. This twin turbo diesel racing tractor is inventive. As it rolls up to the line something nags at your mind. You take in the beautiful modifications. You look at that beautiful paint job. Those massive tractor-sized rear tires gnaw at your brain a bit. The encased roll bar and driver cages set the stage. The puffs of global warming diesel exhaust and the quiet roar of the engine amp up your heart rate. Then it takes off like 1977 Ford Pinto. It did, however, spin the tires. That is when that thing that was nagging your brain pops into your mind. Oh, yeah, tractors are not designed to move that fast.

Why is This Tractor Different?

The design of tractors is for low-end power. They move heavy objects and perform heavy labor. Go to a tractor pull if you want to see the real power of a tractor. However, This tractor is different. It has broken the tractor rule and shown signs of speed. It has gained agility. That, right there, folks is evolution. Someone has reinvented the wheel. It kind of looks like a Formula 1 race car on prednisone. It is also a mixture of real world meets Hot Wheels. Who would not want to drive their favorite Hot Wheel to work? That is the definition of mid-life-crisis.

Was This a Happy Ending?

The end of the video is somewhat of a disappointment. It is not that the Twin Turbo Diesel Race Tractor did not perform. It did. It is more the fact that the end score was missing. In drag racing, it is all about the time. In this case, the time is missing, so we have nothing to compare. We saw a lot of flash. We saw a lot of smoke. We even saw the front end of the brute lift off the ground. The smoke from the tractor occludes it towards the end. It seemed as though that gargantuan cloud of diesel exhaust is akin to some cowboy that rides off into the sunset.

While the outcome was somewhat of a downer, the entire concept is exciting. It is a fringe element in the world of drag racing. It is also curious to wonder where this might lead. If you had to wager a guess, does this signal the beginning of another drag event?