Timeline Motorcycle: A Rolling Tribute to Harley-Davidson’s History





What you’re viewing in this video is not so much a motorcycle as it is a custom piece of artwork that happens to display Harley-Davidson Big-Twin engines from 1909 until the present day. Created by a Harley-Davidson dealership owner in Wisconsin known simply as “Doc”, the Timeline Motorcycle is a stunning look at Harleys of old and new. Seriously – just take a look for yourself, and you’ll see a span from the original F-Head IOE to the modern Twin Cam. We can’t get over just how incredible this bike is, and we know Harley fans will love this thing as much as we do.

The bike seats 10 people, and stretches 24 and a half feet long, and yes, it can be ridden. It has two front wheels and two back wheels, and has over 40 feet of chain. Each engine actually has its own oil tank, and get this – the top frame rail is actually a fuel tank with a reserve at the end that holds 9 gallons of fuel. We love all the nostalgic touches displayed along the bike, including photographs of old Harley manufacturing plants and dealerships, as well as pictures of Harley motorcycles throughout the years. We’re simply in awe of Doc’s creation, and look forward to seeing this beauty in person one day very soon. Be sure to like and share if you consider yourself a fan of the Timeline Motorcycle.