Tough Guy Fail: Fanny Pack Fairy Drops His V-rod Motorcycle!

tough guy biker wrecks his v-rod and fixes his fanny pack


Tough Guy Drops His New Harley Davidson V-Rod Motorcycle

The bigger you are the harder you fall, right? After watching this big guy drop his harley motorcycle like a rookie rider, it seems the saying holds true. We can only guess how cool this V-rod rider thought he was this afternoon, when he tucked his shirt in his fanny back strap and recklessly drove his harley davidson v-rod motorcycle through a line of spectators. This was so funny to us for so many reasons.

Watch as this wannabe tough guy gets his pride dragged all over the place. Not only did his harley motorcycle go down in front of tons of people, but his fanny pack broke! Poor guy. Guess the V-rods power was just too much for him. Some people just need to stay in the gym. Watch the video below and be to ‘share’ the post before you go!