Tow Truck Driver Accidentally Sends Wrecked Car Down Mountainside!




Watch what happens in this awfully funny tow truck fail! Just as the tow truck driver thinks he’s making progress on over turning the wrecked mazda car, it gets back to all four wheels only to head straight down the mountainside!

The foul mouthed camera woman, was not actually the driver but her son was the passenger of the wrecked mazda. Fortunately for all who get to see this magnificent tow truck fail, she decided to film the recovery for insurance purposes. Well, now it might be more for the tow truck companies hr purposes. It would be hard to believe they are going to let this rookie stay on, after his pathetic performance. The dude almost ran straight into a over tensioned steel cable with no safety gear on and more importantly, dropped a wrecked mazda down a mountain! Do you think he got fired after this one?

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