Toyota Cressida Melts it’s Tires in This Epic Norwegian Drift Video!



What do you get, when you mix a souped up Toyota Cressida, a professional driver, a curvaceous vixen, and some high tech camera gear? One intense drifting video! How do we know, we just got to watch it! Since we know you guys love stuff like this too, we decided to share it below.

Watch this killer clip at an undisclosed location in the hills of eastern Norway, with the infamous Underground Garage JZX30 Cressida and Northern Europe’s only Russian Arm. The combination is beautiful. The camera gear captures some of the coolest slow motion car drift action shots we’ve seen, and its a nice change of pace seeing it happen with a car that looks like an every day driver. Tons of respect has to go to the driver of the toyota as well, the guy hit every turn with perfection. If that doesn’t impress you, remember he is also doing it with a beautiful brunette distraction sitting next to him the whole time! If you liked the post, be sure to ‘share’ it before you go. Thanks for watching!