Toyota Prius’ Lady Driver Goes Nuts on Diesel Truck Owner


Prius Driver Goes After Family in a Diesel Pickup Truck

Barring a ton of foul language this crazy lady seems to think she is making a strong debate for peace and quiet. When we got this video in our inbox, there was no questions we had to share it with you. This lady driving who is hanging out in a parking lot with her toyota prius (no even in a parking spot mind you) has obviously had enough!

Watch the video below as she goes nuts on this driver of a diesel pick up truck ( with 2 children in the cab) who is actually in a parking spot, for pollute her area and being loud. She is pissed that he had his truck on her longer than 2 minutes while he was parked. Can you believe how crazy this prius driver gets? What would you have said? Let us know in the comments below!