Tractor Trailer VS High Winds in Traffic!


Semi Truck Battles High Winds on the Highway!

This crazy footage of a truck driver battling dangerously high winds to avoid an accident, will make you pucker! Not only is this out of control tractor trailer video a bit scary, it is even more impressive! The flex this truck handles while it is battling to keep the tires on the road during the strong wind gust is amazing. I never knew they could flex that much without breaking!

What is equally impressive is that no one got hurt. The second truck driver that comes up behind the truck having difficulties staying upright is on his game! You can see that he is trying to do all he can do to help his fellow driver, by creating a rolling road block behind him. At least if he were to go down there would not be any other vehicles involved in the accident!

Watch the footage below and chime in with your thoughts! Have you ever seen a truck flex like the one in this video?