Triumph Castrol Rocket Motorcycle Aims For Speed Record


*Video Below


This video, just tweeted out by Triumph Motorcycles today, announces the arrival of the Triumph Castrol Rocket, a 1000 horsepower streamliner bike that has high aspirations – the goal is to achieve a new motorcycle speed record of over 400 mph. Hey, if you’re going to go, go big! There was a time Triumph could actually claim this speed record – except for a 33 day span, Triumph actually held the title of world’s fastest motorcycle from 1955 until 1970. Now, it joins the race to 400 mph, joining several other streamliner motorcycles attempting to achieve that feat. In their record attempt, Triumph has teamed with Carpenter Racing out of New Jersey for engine work and Hot Rod Conspiracy out of Oregon for the chassis.

The current speed record for a bike is 376.363 miles per hour, and Triumph makes no bones about the fact that they’re ready to have that record back. They’ve certainly made a statement – that’s an extremely bold looking bike, and it definitely catches your attention. Of course, having two turbocharged Triumph Rocket III engines producing 1000 horsepower helps, too. Oh, and piloting the bike will be Jason DiSalvo, an AMA pro racer with a Daytona 200 victory under his belt. We’ll certainly be hearing more about this soon, as the team is currently making practice runs at Bonneville to get ready for their run. Like and share if you’re eager to find out if they can pull it off.