Truck Sandwich With Motorcycle In The Middle

motorcycle accident sandwiched between semi trucks


Geez, talk about a rough time – watch as this motorcycle traveling too fast runs out of room and crashes between two tractor trailers. This wreck was certainly his own fault, but we feel bad for the guy – listen as he realizes what’s about to happen, but still doesn’t have time to avoid the accident. He crashes his motorcycle, and only has himself to blame.

This guy was definitely riding too haphazardly in the first place – watch as the video starts with him weaving in and out of cars on his bike. Guess he was too preoccupied passing other cars to notice traffic has come to a standstill in front of him. With no time to brake, he attempts to shoot the gap between these two trucks, but that’s asking too much of almost any biker, much less this knucklehead. Things might have gone a bit better for him if he had attempted to make it to the left side of the road – it appears there might have been some room to maneuver around the semi in the left lane, but we’ll never know. He’s fortunate it’s just his bike that got busted up. Hope he had good motorcycle insurance¬†because the bike seems to be a little busted up. Maybe next time he’ll keep his speed in check…oh, and pay attention to the cars around him. Like and share if you enjoyed watching our video.