Tug of War Goes Horribly Wrong For Built Chevrolet Pickup


Built Chevy Pickup Truck Tug of War Fail!

A good old-fashioned truck tug-of-war can be fun, but it can also be fairly dangerous, as the crowd witnessing this event found out. Oh, and it can also be a great way to mess up your truck, as the driver of the Chevy pickup learns, too. We’ve seen quite a few of these videos recently, some with pretty amusing results, but this might be the craziest we’ve seen of any of them.

The driver of the Chevrolet redlines the engine, and before long there’s a pretty loud explosion from underneath the truck, quickly followed by smoke and flames. Yikes – he’s going to remember that one for a while. Kudos to the guy who shows up really quickly with the fire extinguisher to keep the flames at bay, too – that guy needs to be on a pit crew somewhere! A little tip for the driver of the Chevy, who we couldn’t notice was spinning tires like crazy – less tire pressure and avoiding the spinning tires goes a long way towards winning one of these events. But hey, we did enjoy getting a good laugh at his expense. Be sure to like and share if you enjoyed the video.