Turbo LS1 Formula Off-Road Hill Climb Greatness!


Watch This Turbo LS1 Formula Off-Road Car Own a Hill Climb in Norway!

This killer run by the Norwegian Off-Road Racer, Pal Blesvik, is more than fun to watch. The sounds of the LS1 soaking up every bit of the turbo is absolutely magnificent. I could literally play the audio of this video on repeat, in my truck on the way to work every day!

The video below of Pal Blesvik hammering on the hills of Skien Norway in his Modified Class Turbo LS1 powered Formula off-road Car, definitely deserves a share. He must have had 3-4 epic saves during this suspenseful run. Dude has skills! Check it out for yourself, and see if you can keep from heading home to throw paddle tires on whatever rig your working on in the garage at the moment!