Turkish Ferry Boat Captain Beaches His Ship for Scrapping



Amazing Footage of Huge Turkish Ferry Beaching Itself at a Shipyard!

I’ll be honest. I have never wanted to be a ferry boat captain more than I do at this very moment. If not for any other reason, but the off chance that I would be asked to do this one day! This awesome footage captured the large boat beaching itself to be scrapped after a long and respectable life at sea!

The lucky boat captain was asked to purposely beach the M/F Ostend Spirit, also known as the MS Pride of Calais. The large ships life of hauling its passengers and vehicles across the english channel had come to an end, and it was time to be taken apart and have its parts recycled to be used on the next ship to be built.


In the video below the  lucky boat captain comes in hot and fast, and beaches the massive ship perfectly, at  a breaking shipyard in Turkey! His aim is impeccable and the sight is absolutely awesome! Be sure to give the post a ‘share’ if you thought it was as fun to watch as we did!