Two Corvettes Drag Race Straight to the Salvage Yard



Watch what happens when horsepower gets the best of these two corvette drivers! Who isn’t a fan of seeing two beefed up muscle cars have at it? However, the first thing these guys did wrong, was decide to race in a neighborhood lined street. You can even see a kid crossing the road right before they take off at the intersection. The second thing of course is letting someone film this major corvette car FAIL!

These poor guys are definitely going to be wishing this never happened, and too bad for them they are going to see it over and over, as this video gets pasted all over the internet. You can’t help feel bad for the cars, just not the drivers. Have a feeling someone is going to be able to take advantage of some “lightly” used chevy corvettes for sale soon. Wonder if their car insurance company got a hold of this clip? Will probably raise a policy or two. Hope they learned a good lesson nonetheless. If you liked the post, please be sure to ‘share’ it with your friends!