Ultimate Wheelie Competition: Buell Vs Harley Davidson



What is your preferred motorcycle for wheelie stunts? If your not as much as a dare devil as some of the bikers pulling wheelies with their motorcycles, what kind of motorcycle would like to see a wheelie performed with?

I’m a known harley lover, so its no surprise that I prefer to see a wheelie done on a harley more than any other brand. However, a wheelie is cool in any language… or brand. Especially when they are being done on full sized motorcycles like this harley davidson bagger and big twin buell motorcycle. The video below is a classic we had from a while back. This is actually a wheelie competition between a buell motorcycle owner and a harley davidson motorcycle owner, going at it at the 2007 Richmond Red and White Show. If you enjoyed this as much as I did, be sure to ‘share’ the clip with your buddies. Its not every day you see harleys up on the back wheel!