Unbelievable Motorcycle Crash Caught From Three Camera Angles



This motorcycle crash has to be one of the scariest we’ve seen in a while, and it’s made even more intense by the fact it was captured by three different dash cams! We don’t really have a lot of backstory on this one, but we do know it took place in Russia. The guys on the bike are moving along with the flow of traffic, but then unexpectedly the motorcycle starts drifting to the left and eventually leaves its lane and heads towards oncoming traffic. The car that hits the bike has no time to react, and bike parts and bodies go flying.

Miraculously, both guys on the motorcycle survived with very minor injuries. We were definitely glad to read that, because after just seeing the clip of the crash we wouldn’t have been surprised if neither had lived through it. The first two video clips show the accident from the point-of-view behind the riders, but the last one is the scariest of all – the dash cam of the car that ended up hitting the bike. Like we said, the driver had literally no time to react, and we’re just thankful everyone came out ok. If you thought this video was as crazy as we did, don’t forget to like and share.