V8 Powered Chain Saw Cuts Hardwood in Seconds!


Paul Bunyan, eat your heart out! If there is one thing we love here at ALH.com its anything overpowered! This 253 ci V8 Chainsaw definitely fits the profile! Watch as this over powered aussie tree cutter goes wild in this cool video below.

This Australian Chain Saw is Powered by a 253 ci. Holden V8 Engine!

The guys from Whitland Engneering out of Victoria have built this custom chainsaw using a 253ci Holden V8 Motor, with a direct drive though 1:1 ratio, right angle drive. It uses a 3/4 Harvester chain and a 1000mm Harvester bar. Watch as it cuts through this 550mm Peppermint gum performance hardwood in a mind blowing 2.4 seconds!


This is the type of chainsaw you might see on an episode of Home Improvement with Tim Allen. You can almost hear his patented binford growl in your head, while watching this badass chainsaw go to work. If you liked the post, don’t forget to give it a ‘share’ before you go.