Volkswagen Jetta Explodes in Coolest Bachelor Party Ever



For all you married guys out there – what did you do for your bachelor party? On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t answer that in such a public forum. Regardless, we bet it wasn’t nearly as cool as blowing up a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta. The lucky groom-to-be has some killer friends, because to arrange this awesome event really shows some true friendship. Almost brings a tear to our eyes…

With the Jetta loaded down with 42 lbs of an explosive called Tannerite, the groom sets up with his rifle 300 yards away. Once everyone is ready, he takes the shot, and the result is glorious. The explosion is massive, sending pieces of the Jetta flying all over the place, and we’ve got to hand it to the groom – with the pressure on, he nailed it first shot. The crater left by the explosion is awesome, and we guarantee this was a bachelor party the groom-to-be and his buddies won’t soon forget. Like and share if you thought this video was as amazing as we did, and let us know what other cool things you’ve blown up.