Volvo Car Attempts to Pass Motorcycles and Crashes

volvo tries to pass motorcycles


There are times where we all let some road rage set in, and that can lead us to doing things that aren’t too bright, much like the driver seen here. First things first – looks like this group of motorcycle riders weren’t cutting this guy any slack. You can see them scattered all over the 2 lanes of highway, and our guess is maybe this guy did something to piss them off, so they decided to teach him a lesson and cruise at a speed below the limit. Not cool at all – these guys should be over to one side to let faster cars pass if they’re just out for a joyride.

Of course, this definitely doesn’t excuse the actions of the reckless volvo driver. He obviously lets his anger get the better of him, and decides he’ll show these bikers by attempting to pass them on the shoulder. Bad move, bud. That Volvo clearly isn’t made for off-roading, and he loses control and shoots across both lanes and into the median. Our guess is the guys on motorcycles had a good laugh at his expense, and this probably didn’t do anything to calm his road rage. What do you think – situation handled poorly on both sides? Like and share, and let us know what you think in the comments.