VW Snowareg is Ready for Ken Block’s Ford Raptor TRAX

Looks Like Volkswagen is Trying to Give Ken Block a Run for His Money

With this recent teaser of the new VW Snowareg, you can be sure Rally Sweden has arrived. The only full snow rally race of the year, it draws a major crowd. One of the competitors being the new Volkswagen ‘Snowareg’. This modified AWD crossover looks to be quite ready for the challenge!


Volkswagen Sweden built what it calls the Snowareg. VW’s Scandinavian subsidiary replaced the Touareg’s wheels with tank tracks at each corner, powered by the stock 4.2-liter V8 TDI with 340 horsepower and a snow-plowing 590 lb-ft of torque.


Honestly I’ve never watched the famed rally race myself, I’m more interested in how well this thing can hold up against Ken Block’s Ford Raptor TRAX. The Gymkana star has been posting pics and teasers of his new F-150 Raptor on Mattracks rubber, and this newly unveiled volkswagen that seems to be calling out the Raptor TRAX is sure to get a fire going under the Ken to get his Ford truck to work!

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