Water Bomber Plane Saves Flaming Semi Truck


water bomber plane saves semi truck in canada

Pilot Rescues Wrecked Semi Truck With Well Timed Water Drop

Check out this epic video below of a water bomber, that had to be called in to save a flaming semi truck after a bad collision. A Trans-Labrador(CA) Highway Accident between a Grader & Transport Truck got dangerous fast. A fire started and was soon engulfing the entire cab, lucky the driver did get out & survived the sever accident.


Because of such a remote location, emergency vehicles are miles away, so a water bomber is dispatched to extinguish the flames before the vehicle exploded. Supposedly these guys stay extra busy over there. If you want an exciting career in fire fighting, I would say this the one your looking for.

How cool would it be to get to drive these high powered, high speed, life saving planes for a living? Below is a very neat video shot by an amateur with his phone. Video cuts out at 0:43, but the its worth every second. Its not very often you get to see something like this! If you liked the post, please give it a ‘share’ before you go!