WaterCar Panther: Worlds Fastest Amphibious Car

water car worlds fastest amphibious water car


This is Not a Car or a Boat. It’s the Best of Both Vehicles and It’s For Sale!

You can’t deny that having a cool car definitely ads cool points. How many cool points do you get for having a cool car that rides on water too? Well if this video does anything, it will make you want the panther water car. As you watch the promo you see the drivers pull up to a floating party, and steal two beautiful women right away from the shindig. It drives on land, floats on water, picks up women, and looks cool doing it

In 1999, WaterCar started as a personal challenge to build the world’s fastest amphibious vehicle. Their early WaterCars were purpose-built vehicles, to be very fast on both land and water. After January, 2010, when Watercar established the Guinness amphibious speed record with their Python model, their attention turned to reliability and they began designing a vehicle to offer to the public. Fourteen years, countless successes and failures, 27 patents and untold labor hours later, their personal challenge were achieved.

You can now purchase 3 different packages here with the top of the line, 250hp model tipping the scales at just over $130K. If you like this ride or know someone who might, be sure to share it!