What Does the Fox Say? Funny Trucker Version


Ever Wonder How Semi Truck Drivers Pass The Time on Long Hauls?

Honestly, I try not to ask anymore because the answers can get a bit creepy sometimes. I never heard this one though!

It can be tough to keep your eyes open on any long drive. We all have been there once or twice. Wether it be driving a truck full of family for the annual vacation. Taking a trip to see relatives. Even going to see your favorite driver performing at a race track the next state over. When you get passed the excitement of the trip and settle deep into the fact that your only half way there, thats when it gets tough!

If its keeping them focused and their trucks safely between the lines. They can do whatever they want in my opinion… As long as these guys don’t ever get behind me. If you weren’t on the same frequency as the two truck drivers in the video, this could definitely become an annoying distraction.

Watch how these Polish truckers keep each other occupied on a long nights haul. Wether your a fan of the original “What does the fox say” video or not. You’ll love the trucker version!



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