Wheel Driven Snow Track System for Pickup Trucks

wheel driven snow track system for pickup trucks

Pickup Truck Snow Tracks Will Make Your Winter a Little More Fun

How much would it be worth to you, to be able to turn your pick up truck in a track driven off-road snow goer? Well, if you answered anything over $25,000.00, then your in luck. The guys from adboivin.com have invented the patented new track and go system that does just that. This is the first ever wheel driven track system to be produced!

In under 15 minutes, you can personally install all 4 tracks onto your trucks tires, without having to remove them! How cool is that? Keep these puppies in your tool box, and next time a surprise snowfall hits, you’ll be the guy smiling ear to ear.

If your like us, and like to take your off-road truck beyond the pavement when the opportunity arises, this cool snow track system will definitely give you more opportunities for just that. Watch the video below that demonstrates the track n go wheel driven track system working in some moderate powder. If your interested in purchasing the track n go system for this winter season, you can buy them at the trucktracks.com website!


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  • Jeff McCain

    This page says $2500, Video Says $25,000….which is it?

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  • Vincent Costen

    $25,000.00??!!! Just go buy a snowmobile or quad…

  • chris tras

    25000. You guys are out of your mind! Most people who would even think about useing these would be putting them on a truck valued much less then the tracks. Besides, I would really hope u fix the issue with the track hitting the rocker panel on the truck and causeing damage before you even sell these things. Your demo truck is damaged as seen in the video.

  • Dean Haas Jr

    It is $25,000 – a little pricey. Maybe they’ll come down in time.

  • wraith3845 .

    LMAO @ $25,000 it’s cool don’t get me wrong, but i can lift my truck and put a wheel and tire set on it that will vastly out perform that “clip on” track system for about $15,000 less and still use it on pavement.

  • JohnnDeb Shockey

    If they want these things sold to the “real” working class, they better make them more affordable!