Why Burnouts are a Bad Idea in the Middle of a Race Track!




We really thought this would be one lesson that would be painfully obvious to any driver, particularly someone who races cars, but the lesson learned from this video is that doing a burnout in the middle of a race track is a horrible idea. Even worse is when you do them right at the end of a long straightaway, where cars are approaching at high speeds. We couldn’t believe this video the first time we saw it, but it goes to show that some people will do anything for attention – even when it involves endangering others.

This video takes place during a practice session for the 2013 World Time Attack drift race, and after spinning out while drifting around a turn, the driver of the #9 car tries to hide his embarrassment by giving the crowd a little show. The problem is, his burnout in the middle of the race track creates a massive cloud of smoke which hinders the vision of the other drivers. The first two drivers to arrive during this stunt wisely slow down and avoid an accident, but the next group isn’t so lucky, and pretty soon there’s a three car pileup in turn 3, all because of an idiot who wanted to show off. What did you guys think? Make sure you like and share, and let us know in the comments how you feel about this driver.