Why We Ride Motorcycles: Told By an ’09 Triumph Bonneville Owner



We love watching guys talk about their motorcycles, and how they came to fall in love with riding, and we thought this story from a British Triumph Bonneville owner currently living in Australia was really cool. For Carl Bellamy, the attraction to motorcycles came as a young boy while watching the Royal Signals White Helmets Motorcycle Team performing. For many of us, a similar event or memory serves as the inspiration for our passion for motorcycles.

Carl first bought a Honda 250 CBF, but quickly realized it wasn’t what he was looking for – in his words, it was “boring”, and he wanted something with more power that could go faster when he wanted. Being from England, it made sense that he would choose a 2009 Triumph Bonneville to customize and call his own. He’s made a lot of modifications to this cafe racer to personalize it, everything from changing out the decals and headlight, to installing a custom front-end and putting in a British Customs Predator exhaust system.

We dig the bike, but we also love the way Carl talks about the “chemistry” of riding – the combination of the sights, sounds, feeling, camaraderie, etc. that can only come from just you and your motorcycle hitting the open road. Now that’s a feeling any bike enthusiast understands. What about you – what inspired you to begin riding? Share your story, too, and be sure to like and share with other motorcyclists.