Woman Driver Can’t Back Mazda Sedan Out of Her Garage



Most of us probably handle backing out of the garage with ease, but just watch what happens as this lady tries over and over to escape the garage in her Mazda sedan, with the situation worsening with almost every single maneuver she attempts. Look, we realize not all women are bad drivers, and they get an unfair label at times…but ladies, this isn’t helping your cause! It seems like there are a plethora of videos like this on the internet, and when they’re this funny, we just can’t help sharing them.

The mistake happens right away – she should have cut the wheel a bit more before straightening out, and really she could probably still make it, but she gets nervous about clipping the mirror and attempts it a second time. And a third. And a fourth. And that’s about when we stopped counting and just started laughing, because this just gets absolutely out of control. Several times she nudges items stored in the garage, and we’re actually pretty surprised that she didn’t damage the car. Finally, a man (we assume either husband or son) steps in, and with a few moves gets the car back to a reasonable position. We’ve got to say, after witnessing what transpired in the first part of this video, we’d have just backed the car out all the way and into the driveway for the lady. If you thought this was as funny as we did, be sure to share it with others.