Woman on Cellphone Causes Car Accident, Sets Off Other Driver



Check out this video of the aftermath of a car crash, where one driver flies off the handle at a lady who causes the accident while distracted by her cell phone. We’ve all seen people driving horribly on the road, only to pull up alongside them and discover they’re yapping away on a phone, sending a text message or email, or playing Words With Friends or Angry Birds on their iPhone. More and more accidents are caused by drivers distracted by cell phones, and we’re afraid that trend will only continue to get worse until laws become stricter in many areas of the country. So, with all that being said, the angry driver in this video is kind of our hero…

The description of the video states the woman failed to yield during her left turn, and pulled out right in front of this guy while she was talking on her phone. We see the events that occur immediately following the accident, and it’s pretty glorious. The angry guy gets out of his car and opens the lady’s car door, grabs her cell phone, and smashes it to bits on the pavement below. Oh man, that had to feel so awesome. We bet that lady is in shock…and ok, maybe this guy took it a little far, but we bet next time this lady starts to get distracted by her phone while driving, she’ll think back to this incident, and maybe even reconsider using that phone. What did you guys think – you siding with the guy here, or did he take it too far? Let us know what you think, and make sure you like and share no matter what your opinion is.