Woman Driver in Texas Jumps Her Car Over a Toll Booth!



Drunk Driver Jumps Her Car Over a Toll Booth!

We all have ways of saving money, but I don’t think this one is really worth the effort. It seems this lady realized she was out of change in the cup holder of her car, on the way to the toll booth. We have all been there, that moment where we realized were headed to a toll both without a cashier and don’t have the correct change.

Well, this lady must have not wanted to risk holding up traffic to look for it and decided to take the “high” road. I kid… this was actually footage from a surveillance camera at the fort worth texas airport of the a drunken driver that must not have seen the huge orange toll booth and all of the brake lights, as she sped up to the median.

Watch as the crazy car wreck sends her car catapulting over the toll booth after nailing the median. We wish there was another angle to catch the landing so we could give her a proper score. For now we can only rule it a seven based on the dismount alone. Feel free to caption the video in the comments below, we have come up with a couple funny ones here in the office already. If you liked the classic clip, don’t forget to ‘share’ it.

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